Antiparos info

Local dishes

Octopus on charcoal, wild rabbit casserole with onions, goat, sour cream cheese, zucchini-balls, wine and raki, and of course fresh fish are tastes that you must try at the very many taverns and restaurants of the island.


Cafés, little pubs and discos can make full your nights or your very early morning hours, depending on your mood.

Means of transport

Initially you arrive on Paros by boat from Piraeus or plane from Athens. From Paros you arrive on Antiparos by 2 ways:
  • With Ferryboats from Pounta in 5 minutes (a place on Paros opposite Antiparos, where you arrive by bus from Paros port or by taxi from the airport) with often transfers during winter and summer
  • With a boat from the port of Paros in 25 minutes, only in summer.