Dear visitors,

At Rocco’s studios we always try to ensure comfortable and welcoming accommodation. In today's world we have created a safe environment for both you and our employees. We are ready for this summer to protect you and your loved ones to the fullest. Our accommodation complies with all relevant rules and Hygiene Protocols in terms of cleanliness and disinfection. We have fully complied with government guidelines on the operation of accommodation. We are vigilant, monitoring developments and responding immediately to any situation that arises.
We have taken care of:
• The preparation and updating of the guidelines for dealing with and preventing incidents based on the new guidelines from the National Agency for Public Health.
• Preparing and updating the infection prevention program.
• Our collaboration with the private polyclinic "AEGEAN CIVILIZATION". More info
• The supply of appropriate cleaning and disinfection materials, in order to reduce the likelihood of Covid19.
• Cleaning and disinfection before each visitor arrives at the accommodation, based on applicable health protocols.


The check out takes place at 11.00 am, while the check in is transferred at 15.00 pm, so that the rooms can be thoroughly cleaned. In case there is no arrival in the same room on the day of departure, the check out takes place at 12 p.m. The check in must be completed before your arrival, electronically from your computer or mobile phone, by filling out the relevant form on our site with the aim of your shortest stay in the reception areas.

In the context of the recommndation for contactless transactions , a necessary condition for check in is the payment of the total amount  of the reservation no later than the day of your arrival.
i. All non-basic items, such as leaflets, decorations, pillows, blankets, kitchen equipment except the least possible, have been removed from the studios. Anything else you need you can contact us at reception or at 6983412685.
ii. Air conditioners in all rooms are autonomous units and are not part of the central air conditioning. Everything has been maintained, disinfected and will be disinfected after each departure.
iii. It is recommended by the health protocols that the room cleaning should not be frequent during the stay in order to avoid contact of employees with visitors. For this reason, room cleaning will be done at your request, provided that all your personal belongings are in your luggage.
iv. In the frame of the health recommendations, the replacement-change of linen and towels takes place every third day of your stay. It is possible for you, if you choose, to make the change without the presence of the accommodation service, after of course they are delivered to you. The replacement will be done by the accommodation service in any case, without your presence.
v. A prerequisite for the entry of the cleaning staff in your studio is to bring Personal Protective Equipment (mask, gloves, disposable robe and closed shoes).
3. The cleaning was chosen by the management of the accommodation and the person in charge of the action plan and incident management, based on the relevant legislation, to be done with the method of disinfection in the whole area and in all surfaces and structural elements, with approved cleaners- disinfectants and with a steam purifier of at least 70 degrees Celsius (JM 1881/29/05/2020)
4. Cleaning and disinfection of all external furniture in the courtyards by spraying, certified fungicides and microbicides solutions.
5. Personnel carrying out the disinfection will bring all Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
6. All utensils and kitchen equipment of each studio will be washed in a dishwasher, in a washing program of at least 75 degrees Celsius
7. The wireless controls of the electronic or electrical equipment of the accommodation will have a disposable protective cover.
8. There is a book of events for information and recording in case of any Covid-19 case.
9. The person in charge of the action and treatment plan has been trained remotely, via computer in sessions, on how to transmit, prevent and treat infection by Covid-19 and who then trained and informed all the staff of the accommodation. .
10. The person in charge of the treatment plan has been appointed in accordance with the state instructions.

11.It is not allowed on the basis of health protocols the entrance and stay of people who don't reside in it.

We Don't Forget - We Stay Safe - We Stay Healthy.
We do not forget that our vacation is for rest and relaxation. We make sure that we follow all the rules, so that we can be safe and sound.
We wish you